Our mission

To offer an effective, affordable learning platform, create jobs for more language instructors, and make language learning available to people of all financial backgrounds. We aim to establish ourselves as a premier platform for multilingual education.

Our vision

To make language certification achievable for everyone, empowering them to move and adapt seamlessly to other countries. We aspire to build a distinguished online language school, bringing together a dedicated and experienced team to ensure every learner meets their linguistic goals.

  • Integrity: We prioritize transparency, providing accurate information, and maintaining our reputation through honesty.

  • Service: We deeply understand our clients' needs, always approaching situations with professionalism, kindness, and empathy.

  • Flexibility: We cater to individualized needs.

  • Empowerment: Our role is to support our clients, motivate them, and craft ways to help them achieve their goals.


Hallo! my name is Paolo. Prost!!! And Formality is not my strength!

I started learning German in 2020. I have faced many challenges and failed multiple lessons. I never gave up and kept going toward my goal of able to properly communicate in German. At last, I passed my B2 German Language Certification through ÖSD.

My teaching journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic. I had the chance to help other students understand German grammar. This experience made me even more interested in the language and marked the start of my teaching career.

I first taught A1-level class with a small group of students. As I gained more confidence and experience, I moved on to teaching A2 and eventually advanced-level classes B1 and B2. Now I am currently learning Business German Language.

Today, my idea of this platform is specifically designed for language learners and language teachers to simply create a community for those who want to share, teach, and help advance their careers through learning new languages.

Lastly, I strongly believe that it is our mission in Auto Lingo Plus to serve the Filipino Community and help them integrate through language proficiency

Our Founder

Our Teachers

At “Auto Lingo Plus”, our teachers aren't just instructors – they're champions of excellence. Handpicked for quality, each teacher is B2-certified in German and Native speakers. They meet our high standards. More than just credentials, they're passionate, dedicated, and eager to see you succeed.”
- Our Teachers

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