German Language Course

A1 - Newbies and Beginners - Common Everyday expressions and phrases

A2 - Elementary German Knowledge - This require the sharing of basic and direct information on familiar and routine topics

B1 - Intermediate - Be able to understand the key points of simple standard language

B2 - upper intermediate - Be able to understand the key ideas of complex texts.

Tutorials - We offer one on one or group reviews.

Intensive Course for A1 - Language level required for spousal Visa.

Intensive B2 Course - TELC, Geothe und ÖSD

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Schedule of Classes

Monday to Friday

And Week-Ends


9:00 am to 12: noon


1:30 pm to 5:00 pm


7:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Schedule can also be arranged depending on the availability of teacher and learners. Classes on Week-ends and holidays, and offs is upon the students and teachers discretion. Class hours may be adjusted as per majority of learners and upon requests. Auto Lingo Plus, a part of our services, it to provide online classes that fits your schedule. However, it must always be agreed together with the Language Instructor.

Please contact Auto Lingo Plus for more information.

Skill Levels

A1 Level Skill

A2 Level Skill

B1 Level Skill

B2 Level Skill

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