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10/25/20233 min read

a woman in a coat and a coat over her head
a woman in a coat and a coat over her head

”It was 2020 when I first met sir Pao in Facebook online. I was looking for a cheaper Deutsch online tutorial class and he responded! I wanted to learn A2 Deutsch formally, as I only do self study. In my A1 level, I realized I missed a lot of important Grammar lessons just doing self study. As I don't understand most of the Grammar and Vocabulary, I felt hopeless and many difficulties learning Deutsch, but sir Pao was very patient to teach me A2 . He slowly adjusted as he taught me A2 German Level.

It was memorable attending his class, because how he engaged and help me boos my confidence. Especially how the sentence construction works and I learned a lot!

And now I'm already in Germany!

I highly recommend to take online Classes with Auto Lingo Plus. And the best teacher for you is sir Pao Suntay Thank you sir it's been 3 years and I'm grateful for that opportunity to be your student.”

- Sheena Jane Doño

”Sir Pao thank you so much for being my Online Teacher in Deutschkurs A1. For your valuable time and patience and your truly care about your student. I am thankful that you are doing so much keep the Online German Course. Keep the good work.

I highly recommend Auto Lingo Plus. It's was really impressed with their customer services and professionalism. I had a great experience in their German Courses.”

- Kim S Venhoff

It was during the pandemic lockdown in the Philippines and I found out that Teacher Paolo offers online courses. I needed to learn A1 German for my visa requirement.

Teacher Paolo was very patient, punctual and professional.

Taking his online course was fun. I had difficulty understanding the grammar and he explained the lessons with clarity and easy.

I passed my Goethe A1 exam on my first attempt, but because of the pandemic, my visa application was delayed for 1 year and 6 months. Then I had to retake the A1 exam and I took the time to remember the lessons with teacher Paolo. I was very pleased to pass the Goethe A1 language certificate for the second time and finally my visa application was approved.

Now I am here in Germany happily married to my German husband and working as a nursing assistant and doing my annerkenung for nursing studies.

Learning a new language, especially German, is a real challenge. Auto Lingo Plus has the right tools to help you succee. I highly recommend Auto Lingo Plus and their team.

I wish you more success in life, Teacher Paolo. To God be the glory.

-Shieryl Ecle Rauhut

I am grateful for Auto Lingo Plus for the exceptional teaching and guidance throughout the course and finally passed my B1 Exam.

Teacher Paolos dedication, passion and expertise have truly made a significant impact on my learning journey.

His teaching style is remarkable, as he effortlessly combine clarity and creativity in every lesson. His ability to break down complex concepts into easily understandable parts has greatly contributed to my understanding and retention of the subject matter.

His patience and willingness to address questions and concerns have made my learning experience both enjoyable and rewarding.

I also wanted to express appreciation for the extra time and effort he put in providing valuable feedback on assignments and assessments.

His constructive criticism and guidance have help me grow and improve my skills in German language. I am really thankful for Teacher Paolo for creating this platform. His impact to the community and to my personal growth has paved way new doors for me and my family in Germany.

-Eileen Villacarlos