You want to study Nursing in Germany!

The Basic requirement is that you must at least completed Highschool. If you have finished a bachelor of any degree or two year vocational course after Highschool, then you are qualified.

Now, the first step is to complete and pass your B2 German Language Certification through accredited Test Examination Centers in the Philippines such as TELC, GOETHE or ÖSD. Auto Lingo Plus can help you in passing your language certification. We have qualified and experience Language Instructors.

To Study Nursing in Germany, it will take you 3 Years. The term they use is “Ausbildung” This is funded by the German Government. It is 100% free.

It is very important to take note that employers and Agencies do not pay for this or any cost to subsidize your German language course fees.

There is opportunity waiting for you in Germany. Once you have passed your B2 Certificate. Auto Lingo Plus can connect you to reputable employers and Recruitment firms in the Philippines and in Germany.

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